business contract hire

If your business normally buys their cars with cash, a bank loan, or through a traditional Hire Purchase scheme, you may find Business Contract Hire a far more cost-effective option.

Contract Hire is available to Limited Companies, Sole Traders or Partnerships and offers the company fixed monthly budgeting with minimal outlay.

It is an extremely tax effective method of funding a business vehicle as the rentals may be offset against your taxable profits.

Additionally, if you are a VAT registered business 100% of the VAT on the monthly rentals may be reclaimed where the vehicle is either a van or a car used soley for business purposes. Where the vehicle is used for business and private mileage only 50% of VAT on rentals is recovered

Under current VAT legislation, all our lenders are able to reclaim the VAT on your new or ‘VAT qualifying’ used vehicle (less than 3 months old). This saving is then passed on to your business in the form of lower monthly rentals that are fixed throughout the agreement.

Not only does Business Contract Hire allow you to run a new vehicle for an inclusive monthly rental but it also releases valuable capital from your current vehicle or your next potential purchase. Business Contract Hire means you can afford an even better vehicle than perhaps you initially thought.

Business Contract Hire can offer a package to include routine servicing and maintenance costs for a small increase to the monthly rentals. All scheduled maintenance work will be carried out by the main dealer network & at a local dealer of your choice. Maintenance packages include replacement tyres (excluding punctures), batteries, exhausts and all parts that are subject to fair wear and tear**.

At the end of your agreement our team will arrange to collect your vehicle free of charge from your home or office address. Not only does this avoid time-consuming disposal issues and any worries over depreciation of the vehicle* but allows you to make the best use of your valuable time. Annual Road Fund Licence is included in the monthly rental for the duration of the contract.

The Payment Options

In the leasing industry the “normal” payment profile is 3 initial rentals in advance. A higher initial payment will bring the monthly payment down and a lower initial payment will higher the monthly payment.

Examples of initial payment.
If a business takes out a lease on a BMW based on a 3+35 payment profile at £350 +vat per month the total payment at the end of the lease will be £13,300 + vat (38 x £350 + vat). Some different initial payment profiles based on this example are as follows:

    1. 3 Initial payments
      • Initial payment is 3 x £350 + vat = £1050 + vat
      • Monthly payment is 35 x £350 + vat
      • Total payment is 38 (3+35) x £350 + vat = £13,300 + vat
    1. Initial payment of £2,000 + vat – for customers who want a lower monthly payment
      • Initial payment is £2,000 + vat
      • Monthly payment is £322.86 + vat (£13,300 + vat – £2,000 + vat / 35)
      • Total payment is £2000 + vat + (35 x £322.86 + vat) = £13,300 + vat
    1. 1 initial payment – for customers who want to have a lower initial rental
      • Initial payment is 1 x £350 + vat = £350 + vat
      • Monthly payment is £370.00 + vat (£13,300 + vat – £350 + vat / 35)
      • Total payment is £350 + vat + (36 x £370 + vat) = £13,300 + vat

Please note that the above examples are just for illustration purposes and to be used as a guideline – please obtain a written quote for all different payment profiles that you require.

Key Benefits of Business Contract Hire

*Excess mileage and vehicle damage charges other than fair wear and tear may be payable.
**Subject to Terms & Conditions

What Our clients say

"Absolutely perfect service, hassle free, got the deal and car that I wanted. The whole transition went smooth and perfect. Definitely who recommend this to anyone who is looking to lease a car"
Yahya Umarji
"Awesome company can't wait for my second car to come this June thanks guys amazing service"
Lee Pedder
"Excellent service.
Professional and efficient.
Pleasure doing business with you guys. All the best"
Sahila Butt
"Great company, an absolute pleasure to deal with!! Would highly recommend to anyone!!"
Jamie Boomer