EV Service & Maintenance

What maintenance does an Electric Vehicle (EV) require?

Although they are exempt from emission testing, electric vehicles DO require a MOT inspection every three years. Because there’s no combustion taking place, purely electric vehicles don’t require an exhaust system, hence they’re not releasing any harmful gases.

Servicing the vehicle at necessary intervals is still essential, although with less parts and a more simplistic vehicle, the repairs bills could be much less than with a standard car.

Because Electric Vehicles have much less parts to inspect, the number of items that need to be fixed or replaced is minimal. For example, EV’s don’t require any of the following

    • Engine Oil Changes
    • Cooling Systems
    • Pistons
    • Fuel Pump
    • Spark Plugs
    • Timing belts
    • Air Filters

What happens during an Electric Vehicle Servicing?

As with any vehicle, the vehicle parts must be maintained due to deterioration from daily usage.

These include tyres, windscreen washer, brake pads and fluids.

Electric Vehicles have regenerative braking – this uses the electric motor to slow the vehicle down, as well as acting as a generator to convert as much electricity as possible back in to the vehicle’s battery.

Typically, a full service will inspect

    • Tyres – Condition, pressure and thread depth
    • Lights – Functionality and visibility
    • Fluids – Check fluid and lubrications; such as gearbox and differential oil, brake fluid and antifreeze
    • Suspension – Checking the bushes, springs and shock absorbers for deterioration
    • Steering – Ensuring wheels are aligned and steering functions smoothly
    • Cooling – Ensure that cooling fans and fluids are operational
    • Battery – Check the power storage and output

How to maintain the battery

We advise that you unplug the vehicle once the battery has reached maximum capacity to avoid overcharging the battery – many manufacturers are increasingly using a built-in battery management system to prevent the battery from overheating due to excessive charging; and we strongly advise you consult with your vehicle handbook to see if your EV utilises this.

If you’re still unsure, please call the manufacturer to check.


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